Proxy War: Donald and Iran

Meme: 2 Corinthians 13:5

stacking with blocks and boards for home organization.

While we breathe, we hope.

Clarissa Explains It All(Clarissa Ward's new autobiography, "On All Fronts")

Tomato and Blue Cheese on Multi-Grain

A food hack in the middle of a hearty American meal.

Memes: Proverbs 16:6 and 16:7

Nutrition. Hotdog, hotdog salad, and Veg All?

memes from proverbs 16 and psalm 19

Business-model of churches, versus the sacrificial model. Also: Love to the Society Hill SC Presbyterian Church, a model of benign charity in the community.

Memes from I Corinthians ch 3

Journal: Proverbs 16 and the absolute, unarguable truth no matter what comes.