"The New Normal" "I am less than a fleeting teardrop."

Do they not see it yet?  Upon being handing a wait of a any kind, I bear it with calm and mostly indifference, when its justified, but much less so when the wait is not justified or without purpose.  40 years in Chesterfield County has not rather stolen my joy, as I just sit calmly among the pine trees smoking my cigarettes, but instead I have learned to be more content with that which I am dealt.

As is said in newscasts so often, "the new normal".  But in a sense, they made this, rather than being simply tasked to react to it.  This was more there worry and care over their own reindeer games that in turn gave me the freedom, space and distance to pursue my own tranquility.  They react to a reaction, in the sense that they react to my reaction to them.
But, you might say, this does not sound like a celebration of a VICTORY OVER LIFE, but rather a dull meditation on an empty experience.  I would tell you, how much worse it could have been, instead, how there could have been more failure, more hurt.  Yet there wasn't.

Yet there wasn't.

And I can celebrate my small collection of religious books, celebrate my Lord and be grateful for that which he has given me, grateful that, while I don't have the money of Jeff Bezos, I certainly don't have problems on the magnitude of a Jeff Bezos.  I can celebrate three good pairs of shoes, knowing all the while my favorites in the whole world are only 30 USD per pair at the local discount superstore.

And of all the stupid of acting as if I had been victorious over life, when by all accounts, I shall be someday as dead, sleeping, as any of my ancestors.  Indeed, my own death is but a punctuation mark, and life's final victory.  My only solace was as to rather I was satisfied with my few years, and then in death, brain cells dying, body decaying, would I even remember past failures, nightmares, injustices?

Eternity then, is the Mason Jar of time, and I am less than a teardrop.

The new normal, in the final analysis, should be an end to undue persecutions and grand plans that perturb the world, but rather, let the new normal be each of us, conforming to nature, and if our experience doesn't quite rise to the level of pleasure, let us celebrate another day like an anniversary of survival, a recognition that things did not go complete wrong, and in the end, we have at least a quiet moment, or some time with loved ones, or even a few resources with which to celebrate the experience of life.