Memes from I Corinthians ch 3

Journal: Proverbs 16 and the absolute, unarguable truth no matter what comes.

Memes from the weekend: Psalm 130 and Galatians 1:20

a quick silent rejuvenation during the workday.

Comes time, Children, to fulfill the Lord's Kingdom.

The wrap: your meal, pillowcased.(also: Spicy Pinto and Collard Burrito)

A million inter-woven daydreams reverberating through reality.

Staying in the moment, and just enjoying the experience.

Caffeine and sugar. Oh yes! America goes "woke" more and more, as Coca-Cola enters the coffee drink fray in 2021.

Peace and Joy from religion.

Rachel Pollack on "The Hermit" tarot card.