a quick silent rejuvenation during the workday.

 The treble of life.  Tumult.  

Our perspective can be manipulated from without, as much as we try to be unassailable, stoic, unapproachable on the inside.  Different tasks will stack up like dirty dinner plates in the sink, until at last, the stack has grown unmanageable, and we find ourselves overwhelmed.

First, CLOSE YOUR EYES.  Forget where you are, shed it all off and feel only your on person.

Second, BREATHE DEEPLY.  Draw in air, feel it coming in slowly, then going back out, like a wave retreating back into the sea.

Third, COUNT BACKWARDS FROM TEN.  This is crucial.  By the time you reach five, you should feel some relaxation already.  Your roommates or workmates are wondering by then how you have affected a moment of calm in this sorry world, but congratulate yourself, because you did it!