Caffeine and sugar. Oh yes! America goes "woke" more and more, as Coca-Cola enters the coffee drink fray in 2021.

Coffee, milkfat, sugar, favorite flavoring.

The formula for a rising empire, just as "energy drinks" as we have known them thus far have been an ultra dense outcropping of cola, being dense in terms of content, packing a wallop of calories, caffeine and sugar in tiny cans.  

And that after Red Bull partly ruled Europe for a long time.  I had began hearing about Red Bull almost a decade before the drinks landed stateside, hearing about the content and the ads from European friends.

And if its a good idea, it will be "emulated".

Coffee itself remains a breakfast-time staple across the land, however, here comes Coca-Cola to blur the lines.  Meanwhile, as seen below, Monster Energy has already been blurring the lines between coffee and energy drinks, but is that drink as dynamic as an energy drink, coffee, and cola blend?  

And built from one of the world's enduring favorite cola formulas?

I note also how many people begin the day without coffee, but with maybe an energy drink, or a cola.  This writer has done that before, to ill health effects, as I abused the good drink past the limits of nutrition.  And as we all know, too much of a good thing quickly begins to hurt us.