Comes time, Children, to fulfill the Lord's Kingdom.

 I was feeling lost, having had a day where my blood sugar crashed, among other things, including THREE love interests.  So much crap, so so much, useless, mindless crap.  I can look them in the eye and feel something, but part of me knows I'm still the perennial bachelor, not ready to really share my life.

And the "buying of many bibles" and, "yet the reading of none".  I explain about one of the good KJV study Bibles that's on the market today.

But there are others, but this one?  It's my Magnum, my Magna Carta, my first and favorite, having many reading copies, this Open Bible KJV was my study Bible for learning much of Baptist theology.  And I looked over earlier, thinking I had been ignoring it.  Using email devotionals from other ministries.  Reading the Bible on websites.  Which is probably okay, but certainly not a first resource.  There are "study helps" and so forth, commentaries and notes of all kinds.

I pick up my tried-and-true KJV Open Bible and tell God I need a word.  I turn at random to Acts chapter 8, for this:

"Then God turned, and gave them up to worship the host of heaven; as it is written in the book of prophets, 'Oy ye house of Israel, have ye offered to me slain beasts and sacrifices by the space of forty years in the wilderness?'."

Some may have been faithful.  Quite a few of them actually, may have been true to the One True God, but by and large?  The people had taken up idols, icons of Moloch.

They were sidetracked, and lacking in faith, even as the One True God fed them all manna from the sky.  They would leave Egypt, pursued by an army, with the people risking life and limb, and then become disheartened in the wilderness, "hedging their bets" as they took up various other pagan idols, like Moloch.

I, too then, like Israel, was about to "lose the narrative", forget the truth in my purpose and fall into error.  Their truth, my truth, is God's purpose and nothing else.  I was losing my way, distracted by the world and its various doings.  And yet my book called me back, and like my forty years of age, Israel's forty years in the wilderness: why Children, there comes a time to fulfill the promise, build the Lord's kingdom.

I consider myself, at least until the winds of psyche change again, to be re-dedicated.