Staying in the moment, and just enjoying the experience.

First day of work on Aug 1, on a new job, and fresh off of Covid lockdown.  Some people would stress and moan, pulling against a yoke that the world tried to put on them.

But me?  "Gimme a chance!"  I was saying.  "You'll see; it'll be great!"

Out a bit early that morning, allowing ample travel time, travelling into the next county to a meeting.  I drove through the familiar countryside of my hometown, and into the next town, where I picked up a cold coffee beverage.

Taking pleasant sips, I drove along, with the road largely left alone, left to me, on a lonesome stretch of two-lane, towards the meeting spot.

That part of the country, in fact, was filled with lowlands on an old floodplain between a large river and the ocean.  All hardwoods and farmland, almost everywhere, then now and then a 100+ year old farmhouse, be it the main house or a tenant house.  In the intervening years after slavery, there were "sharecroppers" who were allowed to stay in a small house near a field and a paid a small sum, in exchange for the sharecropper tending the field, planting to harvest.

In August, there is a lot of corn, big stalks, fronds having grown broad, and looking green from all the early morning humidity.  In another few months, as the weather turns, we will see a lot of cotton in that area.

And I, completely in the moment, knowing the next hour would take care of itself, enjoyed the sight of the brilliant summer morning sun across the fields and just over the tops of the hardwoods.  Another minor detail that staved anxiety was that I was the first attendee to arrive, so I had time to saunter around the parking lot, still-lost in my empty musings and enjoyment of the surroundings: a brilliant, quiet morning with a kiss of humidity in the warming air.