Business-model of churches, versus the sacrificial model. Also: Love to the Society Hill SC Presbyterian Church, a model of benign charity in the community.


We are always keeping an eye on church attendance.  It dominates our concerns.  In fact, some churches still have the big board posted somewhere in the building that recordings last week's attendance, Sunday school numbers and various other figures of interest.  "We need to win more souls" or "we need to boost our take".

I've seen the business model applied, the capitalist model, in which the church is ran like a business, with professional employees on staff and various other items of overhead costs.  Even texting on cellphones to tithe, with an external provider taking a cut off the top of the proceeds.

But its all supposed to be sacrificial, and not part of a "pro-growth" business model.  We are supposed to give more and do charity.  Feed the hungry.  Something to give hope to the hopeless.  Meanwhile, we have churches focusing on enlarging their buildings, even while elsewhere, others are having difficulties retaining a pastor, even talking about closing the doors due to poor attendance, which equates to a poor financial bottom line.

In all the storm of business-based church operations, I just saw the sacrificial model come to the fore.  Not only a food bank, but meals served to the needy!  And the charity is not "means-tested" but available to all.

This is how the Society Hill Presbyterian Church reaches its community, and even during the time of Covid when they aren't even having regular Sunday services.  They still move forward for the purpose of helping the community.