Clarissa Explains It All(Clarissa Ward's new autobiography, "On All Fronts")

 She wrote a book!

For years, I saw this slender blonde angel risking life and limb in war zones.  Clarissa Ward, of CNN, has just released her autobiography: her own story in her own words.  And for the Liberal Media bubble, there is some Roger Ailes mess in the fray, from Ward's Fox News days, where she hit the national stage.  She describes that stint as her fastest path to the war zone in Iraq, meaning she would put up with almost anything to get a chance to practice her own brand of journalism.

A real trooper, walking around with the Mujahadeen, riding on Toyota trucks with machine guns mounted on the beds.  Intent, despite all sorts of very real dangers, on practicing her journalism in the midst of turmoil, does Ward buffet around where there is hatred and misery.