Nutrition. Hotdog, hotdog salad, and Veg All?


Hotdogs, though based on the German wiener, are of course, thought universally to be a uniquely American food.  In fact, hotdogs are the signature food of America's pasttime, America's favorite game in baseball.

The hotdog is also a uniquely balanced food when toppings are generously applied.  There is sodium, of course, which some amount of sodium is necessary in a diet, so the most strict dieters among us may be cheating themselves of nutritional sodium.  However, by and large our ordinary eating regimen is chock full of WAY TOO MUCH sodium, and all done in the name of flavor.

But you have the bun, the dog and the toppings.  Carbs, fat, protein.  If you topped with healthy options, then you've added much needed vitamins, because the hotdog in its native form sorely lacks vitamins.

*But have you considered shedding the bun, eating the hotdog, generously divided with a fork, with chili and toppings as a kind of salad?

*Or what if you took your chili and diced wieners and made something of an improvised vegetable soup, using a ready-to-go product like VegAll?