Proxy War: Donald and Iran

With American interests on two sides of Iran, with the conflicts and "nation-building" in Afghanistan to the East and Iraq to the west, Iran couldn't help but be nervous of being a front for a next American conquest.  Of course, America as we know is intimately concerned with the waterway of the Persian Gulf, as well.  And Turkey, to the Northwest, is a NATO member.

Obama signed the infamous Nuclear Deal with Iran years ago, with a lot of leg work done by then Secretary of State John Kerry and a cadre of diplomat subordinates.  The big takeaway for the opposing political football team, was that 

a)there was a palate of cash shipped to Iran
b)the deal only slowed the nuclear program, not stopping it

Meanwhile, the other side would point out that all that money belonged to Iran, having been in a frozen bank account, but still talking heads used the cash to bludgeon Obama's reputation as a peacemaker.  A complicating factor was that a hostage release conveniently coincided with the shipment.  Hay was made, and professional hatchet men took their turn on television, the web and in print complaining either way. 

Flash forward to 2020, in which the Nuclear Deal has been destroyed by Trump.  Iran is again enriching Uranium with no agreement restrictions imposed, and reports indicate they are actively pursuing hostile acts around the region.  "Proxy wars" in other words, in order to counter-balance the American attention.

Meanwhile, the biggest problem might be the Ayatollah.  Shiite's believe their clergy are anointed prophets, like a Messiah for the current age, and anything the Ayatollah or the Imam might say, has the weight of Allah/God behind it.

He could in theory decide to nuke a country and claim God told him to do it.  Meanwhile, his religious followers would be bound to believe it was the will of God, and not just the will of the one man.  I note in the Quran, there is so much of "we" like the prophet is speaking with God, and the Shiites give this same authority to their religious leaders, whomever that might be at a given time.