While we breathe, we hope.


Victorious.  A Titanium penis, a penis like the Thor's Hammer of all the human penises.  Assured victory and change in the internal mental state, victory, and not necessarily by any worldly yardstick, but within.  

This is how I read the Tarot.  I would hate to take career or love advice from these things.  Lord knows the horoscope is sometimes way off, but sometimes it's quite good.  Sometimes it speaks of interpersonal matters, and other times, it seems to refer to the internal mental mapping of the day.

But can we look around and say, that while we still breathe, we have hope?  When we look back, it seems as if we have passed horrors, and we think of ourselves as strong, but maybe we're not so strong after all, but scarred over into a kind of numbness.

But do we ever find a real sense of happiness, or are we just bouncing between various causes, pursuits, or material things?